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This website allows me to share information with others while experimenting with web page design. The content and format will slowly improve as time allows.

Abstract Invocations Webdesign represents my interest in learning web page design.

My interest in genealogy is represented by the information presented here on my ancestors and Sue's ancestors. I'm still trying to enter all the information I've gathered from the Internet or have been given by others. In most lines, the work of others has greatly increased the number of names.

The online genealogy was produced several years ago by the Legacy genealogy program, although I mostly use Gramps now.

Dave's Genealogy contains work on the surnames of Cotteral, Frank, Grimston, Kurtz and Zingg.

Sue's Genealogy contains work on the surnames of Bearce, Jones, Lloyd, Madden and Wilder.

Stagecoach ad describes a stagecoach for sale by my friend.

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